Starting with a Dead Shark

So, in an effort to help get me off my depressed, whiny ass, I've decided to start posting my drawings on this blog.  I've been doing some drawing based on films, games, books, dreams, and anything else that goes into my ears, nose, throat, eyes, skin.  I haven't done any serious drawing for a long time, probably not for about a decade, but lately I have the itch again, and it seems to help my depression somewhat.  I've decided to use this blog to push myself to continue these efforts.  I may still write some posts about various things, but mainly I'm going to post drawings with a short description of where the imagery came from and why I decided to draw it.

I just want to warn any readers that the drawings may not necessarily be any good.  I'm okay with that.  These are going to be sketches done in one sitting for maybe thirty to ninety minutes.  I'm not trying to be Joe Da Vinci over here.

This first drawing is called "Dead Shark."  You wanna know why?  Because, it's a drawing of a dead shark.  There was always something weird about seeing a picture of a shark that died of natural causes and washed up on the beach, like "damn, even a shark can't beat Death."  I had a dream or a thought while I was waking up that involved a whole pile of dead sharks.  That's where the idea of drawing one came from.

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