The best masked rapper around.  I love MF DOOM.  He sounds like no one else and explodes with creativity. 


Big Black Wizard Final

Well, I finished it finally.  It wasn't that it took a long time, it was just difficult to get motivated to crawl around on the floor with ink, and glitter, and an eraser.  But that's all behind me now, for now my creation LIVES!

Overall, I'm happy with it.  It was created with probably the wrong materials in sub-par conditions, but I think it's pretty fun.  I was going to paint the eyes a bright yellow, but was then inspired by my wonderful wife and her love of glitter, as well as old-timey 3-D glasses.  That's right folks, the eyes are pink and blue glitter.

Now the big question, what the hell do I do with it?


Clown Contamination

Here's an experiment with ink on my Russian-Cement-Man Paper.  I found an absolutely terrifying picture of Ronnie McD and quickly sketched it up.  The real question is, are the pink specks going out, or coming in?


Big Black Wiz, Part 2

Finished the basic outline today.  I'm still unsure of how I'm going to fill it in.  Right now, I'm thinking India ink and maybe some acrylic paint.


Life-size Black Wiz Part 1

So, I've decided to create a close-to-life-size version of my portrait of the Black Wizard cos-player I drew a while back.  This might be a total disaster, but, as Tom Cruise says in Risky Business, "What the hell?" 

This is the first baby step.  I've measured and gridded off some brown paper left behind by some Russian concrete men (no, really), hoping to blow-up a 4 or 5 inch image to about 5 or 6 feet tall.  The plan is to sketch it following the grid, and then probably paint it in using India inks.  We'll see how it goes.



I drew this image after watching Werner Herzog's documentary Into the Abyss.  It's a really good film about the death penalty.  I was looking up images of different execution methods, and I realized that the more humane the techniques become, the more obscene they feel.

Here's another version I created: