I've been listening to a lot of the Melvins lately.  This is a kind of weird looking drawing of original member Roger "Buzz" Osborne, aka King Buzzo.


Self Portrait

I've never done a self-portrait that really looks like me.  This one is okay, but I think I always make myself look better than I really do, subconsciously handsomizing myself. I definitely smell better in this portrait than I really do.

Check it out.  I broke a wine glass while doing the dishes and cut up my finger pretty bad.  I'm always fascinated by gross stuff like this.  Wine glass: 1, Me:  0.


Turkish Swayze

My sister and a friend of hers once met a Turkish man in a bar who idolized Patrick Swayze.  They almost convinced him to get a tattoo of "The Swayze" riding a surf board and carrying the Turkish flag.



This is a drawing of W. Somerset Maugham.  I just finished his novel Of Human Bondage, and it really got to me.  Parts of it drag a little, and get repetitive, but every time I started to get bored, Maugham drops an idea that hits like a sledge hammer.  I finished it a week or two ago, and I'm still thinking about it.


Bilial's Revenge

This is from the movie Basket Case.  It's a great horror film about a dude and his psychotic conjoined twin who lives in a basket, has a psychic connection to his brother, and gets really mad when the bro gets a boner.  I recommend it.


The Only Superman You'll Ever Need.

This is my drawing of a Superman cos-player.  I honestly think this guy is awesome.  I'll take this Superman over any and all others.


Shuffling Wet Cards

A few weeks ago, I watched The Navigator starring Buster Keaton.  It was an okay silent film comedy, but there was one scene that stuck with me for days.  It was only about a minute long, if that, in which Keaton pulls a soaking wet deck of cards (he just came in from a rain storm) out of his pocket and begins shuffling them.  As you can imagine, this doesn't work too well, but the great thing about the scene is that he just keeps shuffling them anyway, just shuffling wet cards. 


Chinese Death Mask

This is a drawing of a jade funeral mask of a Chinese princess from the first century B.C.  Her name was Tou Wan.  I was just flipping through a book on early Chinese culture and this image grabbed me.  Apparently the jade squares cover her whole body, and the wire holding everything together is wrapped in silk and strands of gold.  Pretty amazing stuff.


Exit Sign

Another blast from the past, this is another old drawing that I still like.  It's a sign to put over a door, very Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


Old Buster

I found this drawing in an old sketch book from about six years ago.  It's one of the few old drawings I have that I still really like.  It's of an elderly Buster Keaton.  He had one of the most beautiful faces ever.