I dug this image out of my computer the other day and drew it.  It's a ceremonial mask from a tribe in the Pacific Northwest.  I'm not sure which one because I lost the link.   That's all.


Random Procedure Drawing #3: Thor Heyerdahl

This time I got the famed adventurer Thor Heyerdahl.  Check it out.  I tried something a little different.  I went for just two or three values in the drawing.  It looks okay, but I felt like I had to add some rainbow-ass effects to make it more interesting.  I'm not sure I really like this drawing, but it was fun to do anyways.


Random Procedure Drawing #2: Lute

The second random subject that I came upon using "The Procedure" was "lute."  I was a bit disheartened at first because I didn't see many interesting images when I first Googled it, but a few pages in, my eyes landed on a screenshot of Spock playing the Vulcan lute.  Bingo bango!  It's not a great drawing, but I had fun doing it.

Check out the dirty space hippies.


Random Procedure Drawing #1: Guinea Fowl

The first subject I came upon by using my random procedure outlined in my previous post was "guinea fowl."

Here's my drawing.  Here's the wikipedia post if you're interested.  Can you handle the anticipation of what the next random drawing will be?  Can you?  CAN YOU?

Until next time.

"not sent or guided in a particular direction"

Often, the hardest thing for me when beginning a drawing is figuring out just what the hell to draw.  This morning, I devised a plan to defeat this enemy from the realm of endless possibility.

From now on, whenever I can't decide what I should make, I'm going to go here, a random number generator, find a number between 1 and 948, find the corresponding page in my dictionary, locate the first noun on that page, and then Google search images using that word.  The first image I like, I'll use as the basis for a drawing.

Yes, another way for me to shirk responsibility.  Algorithms will decide my artistic fate.  May the Gods of Mathematics have mercy on us all.