Evil Ed

This is a drawing of actor Stephen Geoffreys from the 1985 movie Fright Night.  I watched this last night, and there are some great performances in it.  Geoffreys plays a character named Evil Ed, and I'm not sure that his performance is "great," but it's certainly unforgettable.  Mrs. Plop Blop found this tidbit about him in his imdb bio:  " In a startling and unexpected career move, Geoffreys wound up acting in numerous gay hardcore porno pictures under the pseudonyms Sam Ritter and Stephan Bordeaux."  Seems like an interesting guy.


Plane Smash

I used to have a recurring dream, many nights, that involved a plane crashing near me.  I was never on the plane, just always close to the crash, sometimes running toward it and sometimes running away from it.  Sometimes, I was even helping pull out the victims.  It was usually in a field or in a residential area with lots of suburban houses.  I don't have the dream anymore.  I'm going to take that as a good sign.


Jack Rabbit Slim

I finished reading The Plague and started reading the last book in Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy, Cities on the Plain.  I really liked the previous two books, All the Pretty Horses and The Crossing.  I drew this here jack rabbit after reading this passage:

"The Oldsmobile had this big ovalshaped grille in the front of it was like a big scoop and when I got around to the front of the car it was just packed completely full of jackrabbit heads.  I mean there was a hundred of em jammed in there and the front of the car the bumper and all just covered with blood and rabbit guts and them rabbits I reckon they'd sort of turned their heads away just at the impact cause they was all lookin out, eyes all crazy lookin.  Teeth sideways.  Grinnin.  I cant tell you what it looked like.  I come damn near hollerin myself."


Check Out the Big Brain On Bert!

Here's my quick, weirdo portrait of Albert Camus.  I've been reading his novel The Plague and really enjoying it.  Last year, I read The Fall and it's become one of my favorite books, for now, I think.  Anyway, if you haven't read him, I would recommend both of those books.