Jack Rabbit Slim

I finished reading The Plague and started reading the last book in Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy, Cities on the Plain.  I really liked the previous two books, All the Pretty Horses and The Crossing.  I drew this here jack rabbit after reading this passage:

"The Oldsmobile had this big ovalshaped grille in the front of it was like a big scoop and when I got around to the front of the car it was just packed completely full of jackrabbit heads.  I mean there was a hundred of em jammed in there and the front of the car the bumper and all just covered with blood and rabbit guts and them rabbits I reckon they'd sort of turned their heads away just at the impact cause they was all lookin out, eyes all crazy lookin.  Teeth sideways.  Grinnin.  I cant tell you what it looked like.  I come damn near hollerin myself."

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