The Dancing Skeleton

In my early teens, once a week, I'd walk down the street to a friend's place and watch WCW Nitro.  We'd have a lot of fun laughing at the antics of pro wrestlers and acting out their interviews and various moves.  It was good, clean fun.  My absolute favorite wrestler from this time was Mexican luchador La Parka.  There was something otherworldly and profound about the guy.  The dude was absurd with a capital "A."  He dressed up like a skeleton, did strange little dances, and his signature move was hitting people with folding chairs.  He's a surrealist superhero, Death personified as a lovable prankster/showman, and the thought has crossed my mind of building a small shrine to him in  a corner of our apartment.

WWLPD? (What Would La Parka Do?)

Answer:  He'd hit you with a metal chair, and then dance around you as you writhe in pain.

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Mary Strong Jackson said...

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!!!!!!